The project

Sheffield’s history of abolitionism and anti-slavery activity is well known. The ‘Sheffield, slavery, and its legacies’ project seeks to examine the wider set of connections between the local region and the mass enslavement of African peoples in the Atlantic world, including manufacturing and trade links, the roles of enslavers and absentee plantation owners, pro-slavery support, as well as the lives of enslaved and formerly enslaved people in and connected to the area. You can find information about these connections in a report sharing initial findings.

The project aims to develop a network of organisations and individuals from across universities, museums, archives, heritage sector, community groups, and creative industries to share in dialogue around these aspects of Sheffield’s history and how they should be interpreted, understood, and represented.

As an ongoing project that seeks to foster meaningful collaboration between academic researchers and the wider community in the Sheffield area, we are keen to hear from individuals and organisations. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, or if you’d like to be kept updated about any forthcoming publications or events, please get in touch via the box below.

From March – July 2021, the project was supported by the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF).

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